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  • God's Blessing Rest On This House Pewter Plaque Or Sign

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    To hang on a wall, doorpost, above a bed, by a light switch... anywhere a special reminder or blessing is appropriate. This ornament is perfect to use as a house warming gift! Adapted from the wonderful tradition of Mezuzahs (& Mezuzah covers), in which a blessing (the Mesusah) is placed on each doorpost and gate in a home. The traditional Jewish Mezuzah cover requires a small parchment inscribed with specific Prayers, this design can be used as a Mezuzah cover, or to simply serve as a reminder of our many blessings... Following Jewish tradition, these pewter ornaments have been designed with a blessing on them. They are to be used as a reminder of God's protection and blessing. Each Room Blessing comes with an explanation of what it is and with hardware to attach it to a wall. House Blessing... "God's Blessing Rest upon this House and all who Dwell within. May all who enter, too, be blessed." Measures 4 1/2". This is the work of Cynthia Webb, a San Diego, CA artist who specializes in handcrafted fine pewter ornaments, framed plaques and gifts. Her work is known for its fine detail, which is evident on both the front and back of her pieces.