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One thing I am sure that we can all can agree upon, is that we all are going to die. The real questions arise when you ask "What happens when I die?" There are really 3 choices: 

  1. You become worm food.
  2. I am either going to heaven of hell.
  3. I am not sure?
To believe that this life on earth means nothing and everything you do here on earth is wasted as I become "Worm Food" is very sad. I know that there is more to this life than living 80 years and everything you accomlish is wasted.

So where are you going?  Heaven, Hell, or I am not sure. If you are not sure, I would make sure! Look around, life is dramatic. One moment you are having coffee, then next you have some crazed gun person takes your life. Life is short and precious to NOT know where you are going.

So you want to go to Heaven. Do you have your ticket to heaven? When you go somewhere today you most likey get a plane ticket, and hotel reservation..... you buy something to guarantee that you have a place to stay, and a way to get there, so my question to you is, Do You Have Your Ticket to Heaven?

My Good News to you is that Jesus paid the price for your Ticket to Heaven. Yes that is right, Jesus paid the price for you to go to Heaven. I am sure you are asking, "How did He pay for my Ticket to Heaven" and "How Can I get This Ticket?"

Jesus paid for your ticket by going to the Cross and giving His life for yours. You see we are all born sinful. We really are not nice people, we try, but to be good enough to get into Heaven.... well you really have to be perfect. Jesus knew this, and He really wants to be with you forever, so He said, "I will give my life for theirs, so they can go to Heaven and be with me." How cool is that? Jesus simply wants to be with you... that is it.

The price of this Ticket to Heaven.... well that is the kicker. It is FREE. Yes, all you have to do is accept Jesus' gift to you. Just pray (Tell Jesus); "Jesus, I know that I am sinful. I want to be with you in Heaven. I accept that You paid the price for me to go to Heaven by going to the Cross and dying for my sinful nature. Please come into my life and be with me. I am ready to live for you." Amen

If you prayed this prayer we would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you have questions, a lot of people will say "What do I do now?"

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